At the Fortine School, we inspire kids to be lifelong learners.

The curriculum at the Fortine School is not only based on inquiry learning, technology, reading and 
mathematics to  understand the world, but it also builds skills our children will need to succeed long after they graduate from Fortine.

We encourage students to be engaged, ask questions, become involved, develop strategies to process what they are learning, find innovative ways to apply what they have learned, and then put this knowledge into practice.

Fortine teachers and staff use best practices so the learning process flows and builds from grade level to grade level. It is our goal to ensure that we are fulfilling the instructional requirements for each student, and going beyond that to establish consistency and continuity as students’ progress.

The following links will take you to websites which provide information regarding curriculum and the Common Core Standards.

Northwest Montana Educational Cooperative

Montana Office of Public Instruction

Scholastic--Common Sense for the Common Core