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The Fortine School's breakfast participation rates are among the highest in the state!  In the 2012-1013 school year, Kathy provided breakfast to 72.3 free and reduced price students per every 100 participating in the Nation School Lunch Program.

Why Eat Breakfast at School?

Education: Providing breakfast to students at school improves their concentration, alertness, and comprehension and helps them make fewer mistakes and work faster in math and number tests. Students who eat breakfast at school on average score higher on vocabulary and reading tests and have an improved performance on demanding mental tasks and reaction to frustration than those who don't eat breakfast

Classroom Behavior:  Students who participate in school breakfast have increased attentiveness, improved behavior, higher attendance, and a decreases in tardiness. 

Health:  Participation in school breakfast is associated with a lower probability of students becoming overweight or obese..

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